Saturday, 12 May 2012

Well, Saturday here again, we've had a very busy week at the Craft Box - the new Whimsy rubber stamps finally arrived and now on our website.

Added a new workstation so my staff can be more productive - sorry girls. Also had a couple of display shelves erected to display some of the beautiful work they create here.

Julie has been busy sewing with the gorgeous Tilda materials, and I personally finished another of my ongoing knitting projects, which I was very pleased with - though there's always someone to rain on your parade - Karen (clever clogs) has finished two! Pictures below - hope you enjoy.

I would like to congratulate Karen H and Julie C for being selected to join the Craftwork Cards design team - well done.


  1. Hey lynn the shelves look really cool, and the clever clogs knitting sooo cute. Julie is a clever clogs too!

  2. My word Lynn you and the girls are always so busy such beautiful items and what gorgeous materials just perfect on your new shelves!! Chanelle xx

  3. Oh lovely stuff Lynn - such a productive team!

  4. Gorgeous knitting hope it's not you that needs the baby clothes
    J & J