Friday, 15 June 2012

The bin men are going to love me LOL

Well, I decided to take the bull by the horns!
I tipped out all the boxes in search for a little gift that i had ordered for myself!
I haven't done much crafting for a while, with the things i like to use, so I thought i would treat myself to a set of dylutions inks.
Have they come ? no have they heck!
 Although i did get the stand! So fingers crossed i hope that i get them Monday!

Well got plenty to be going on with lol


  1. I may need to come and investagte this sudden influx of new goodies 8-)

  2. OMG! I need neeed neeeeed to come and see all the new goodies, my cats been really Ill tho (£300 vet bill and still counting) no sure if I trust myself to visit the shop and not spend 😓 boo! Xx cara xx

  3. Oh my god how much new stuff have you got Lynn. I may have pay you a visit next Saturday and invest some of my pennies -lol!

    Love Kerry xxx

  4. My word what a great delivery bet you enjoyed opening all these yummy goodies now's the bad part pricing and finding a home!!!! lol Love Chanelle xx

  5. Oh my - you did go to bed at some point last night didn't you you didn't stop up all night sorting that little lot - or did you?

    1. Well, i eventually left at 9.30pm and was back at 7am.
      You could say it as been a looooooooong day lol