Friday, 15 June 2012

Like busses they all come at once!

Why is it that everything happens at once!

Shop busy, telephone ringing none stop, reps. arriving at the same time, and this little lot delivered in space of an hour of each other!

Would leave them for Karen to unpack on Tuesday, but the suspense will get the better of me lol, so i suppose it's a late night tonight, and early start tomorrow!

And this still needs to be filled with lovely goodies that are hopefully in one of these boxes!



  1. Gosh Lynn looks like heaven I wonder what all these goodies are!!! Love Chanelle xx

  2. Its now 7.15 and only opened one box lol
    Just 7 more to go!
    Hope you are well Chanelle? missed you at class hope to see you soon x

  3. I'm so intrigued as to the contents - hope the day isn't too busy or stressful!